Sunday, August 11, 2019

August 11, 2019


     The aesthetic nature of a garden depends predominantly on the varieties of flowers planted. In subsequent times, these flowers are watered, weeds are uprooted, enough protection for the flowers from animals and pests is provided, also there'll be enough sunlight. These processes are carried out from time to time thereby preserving the flowers and revealing its beauty.

      Relating this to humans, we ought to give more attention to self growth and development. This does not only have to do with our physical appearance but most importantly our lifestyle. What we produce depends strongly on what we take in and our ability to sieve information.

      Knowledge they say is power. Do not be limited to what you know. Versatility is a pathway to perfection. Just as we have varieties of flowers in a garden, the wider our knowledge, the more aesthetic we become.

      What are you investing on? What do you feed your body, heart and soul with consistently? Does it make or mar you? What impacts do they have on you? These questions and many others should be looked into and truthful answers should be provided.

     The knowledge we invest upon either good or bad might not spring up results swiftly but subsequently, changes will occur and there will be productivity. There and then, the reality of your investment will be revealed.
     Good results can only be achieved when you water your flowers regularly by getting the right knowledge daily, learning new things. Learn, unlearn and relearn; protect your flowers from animals and pests. In other words, what you take in determines what you will produce. So, you have every right and authority over whatever goes into your heart. Choose that which is best, sieve the knowledge, uproot the weeds so they won't corrupt and destroy your gloomy flowers.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

August 03, 2019


I can't believe I fell in love again... It was barely two weeks I broke up with Kingsley when I went into a relationship with Michael.. And now, I'm heartbroken again.

All that plays in my head is the moments we had together yesterday. I can remember so clearly how he held my hand and gbam! That's it, aunty adrenaline didn't let me rest.

His hand was the softest and most tender hand I've ever felt... Looking at his face, oh wow! God took His time to create this guy, I thought. His eyes were so perfect as they looked at me and through me piercing through my heart.

Taking my eyes off his and looking at his lips.. I didn't have to touch before I could tell that they are succulent. I could hear my heart pound. I was swept off my feet. Oh my God, at last, I've found my happiness, I said to my self with the cutest smile..

My lips were about touching his when the light of his phone came on. What I saw made my pounding and excited heart jump out.. But he just called me his Love. I could hear my heart shatter like a glass cup would shatter when it drops... Not again!, I cried. Where would I find my happiness?. Where's the guy with my happiness? This has been my unanswered question.

This is the condition many of you find yourselves in. You think your happiness, prosperity, joy, wealth, influence etc is attached to people... No! That can't be. Only you can produce what you want people to see in you . You have your happiness with you.. A happy life attracts happy people .

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

July 24, 2019


I stood before the reflector in my room, gorgeously dressed,examining myself so closely. Then I began to see some physical changes that I knew wouldn't fit in my stature in few years to come.

I noticed my belly was already as big as an immature pregnancy and even though it was not obvious through my ball gown, I could not deny the fact that it was due to gluttony. I also discovered I had grown inches taller and my favourite dress was now way too short.

Having noted those changes, I planned on rectifying them but still I rocked my short ball gown with so much confidence on that day that no one dared to tell me my dress was short neither was my protruding tommy noticed.

This is a practical reflection of our everyday life, we evaluate our today and see just this day. It is true that we should live our today and enjoy it but lets
also remember that no matter how beautiful your today is, your tomorrow should be more beautiful. Do not just see the comeliness in your today, scrutinize your present and take note of the attitudes that will tarnish your tomorrow. Change the lifestyles that will birth bad attitudes, get rid of the things that will not fit perfectly into the future that you want.

Most Importantly, as you expand the horizon of your tomorrow, sharpen and shape your today, identify the attributes of your today that will not fit in and eliminate them. Keep improving until you get the perfect picture and you become it.

Friday, July 19, 2019

July 19, 2019


Anita, Tony's dream woman officially became his after being joined together in Holy Matrimony. Anita, a very pretty young lady, with excellent character and good home training, she also possessed all the attributes every guy would love in a lady.

All the while they were courting, they kept distance just to keep themselves from having sex before marriage so Tony could not actually wait to have his wife in bed today. After a blissful marriage ceremony, they headed for the hotel booked just to have their moments.

On getting to their room, they said a short thanksgiving prayer and that was it, Tony couldn't hold it again. He took his wife by her waist and they got caught up in the moment.

Anita was so swept off her feet that she forgot about the secret she had been hiding for a very long time. As Tony unhooked her bra, Alas!  He was taken aback by what was before him.  Where is the breasts he had always longed for? Immediately, Anita knew they were close to the end. He had been deceived by the oversized bra she always had on, She literally had no breasts at all. "How would  she breastfeed her kids? " "How is this even possible? He thought...

Dear reader, literally, your mother has breasts and that is why she fed you breastmilk. Ohh!! You think we're referring to the physical cleavages?  Certainly not.
My bone of contention is, are you who people see you as? How much impact do you have on people? What they've admired in you from a distance, does it define your person?  You have  benefitted from people who have substance to give, just as you sucked your mother's breasts.

How about you?  What can people benefit from you?  Are your bras oversized? Or probably you're improvising just for your secrets not to be let out?. One day, the cat will be let out of the bag and hell will let loose so why not be the reason for a generation's growth?.

Submit yourself for improvement, be original!

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

July 16, 2019


Apparently, humans are expected to sleep at night for eight hours for growth and development of the body system . Inherently, the night is prior to a new day but have you ever thought about the mystery of nights? It is widely known in Nigeria that evil deeds are executed at ungodly hours particularly at dusk. Some believe its preferable to see movies at night, while most students choose to fix their study hours at night. In the spiritual facet of life, battles are won through prayers at sunset. Snails choose to escape at night, same way many are of the fallacy that spirits walk at night. Basically, intellect is one of man's greatest power and its definitely gotten at night.

Billy Graham once said, that what he fears the most is TIME and I guess it is because time waits for no one but are you aware that the nights when not utilized well turns out faster than we can imagine?. Let's say one goes to bed in the hours of 10:00pm or there about and you rise to see the sun beam right at you, realize its a new dawn already. You may wonder how it all happened, how you spent the night, its a misery yet uncovered but you continue this way day in, day out till days turn weeks, weeks months, and months years with no achievement after all. 

You keep proposing, conceiving, even planning but never execute because you're so engrossed with your daytime activities and there's little or no time left to bring your thoughts into reality. It is only those who maximize the night that understand that it shares the same speed with light and the fact that lots are achieved during that period in time. I have learnt from experience that the best time to conceive and implement ideas is at night. You think you have an idea?  Why not get up at midnight to plan the execution of that idea. You want to write a script or a song, wake up at the dead of the night. Night remains the best time to be alive, the best time to receive new ideas, read with understanding because only few people stay awake, at dusk brains are relaxed, quietness becomes the order. 

Great men arise from the place of labour even though it is always not convenient. You can never shine in your comfort zone, go out of the circle, try something different, sleep less, make the nights your best time to be active. Only Great men understands the fact that their capacities are expanded at dusk. Therefore, if you want to grow and be great, cultivate the habit of using the night wisely. Endeavour not to sleep all round the clock as it is way too dangerous for you. 

A life without direction will never assume heights, we get to even know our strength, weakness, talents and gifts when we use our nights wisely. There are lots to offer, distractions are far off, silence ensues and your brain is relaxed and ready to accept inputs of data freely and also you become productive.

Why not make it an habit to pray, study, plan, think critically, write, and meditate at night. There is great power in the night and great men understand this so, they maximize it. The night time is a great mystery. 

  There is silence at night, listen to the rhythm silence play, hear the night speak, it has much to say.

Monday, May 13, 2019

May 13, 2019



So he called my cell phone and it was like the heavens opened up to give us showers of rain. He poured out his heart to me and I did not understand what was happening. This is my counselor telling me his secret pains. I'd always thought is perfect and that he has no problem but my counselor needs counsel right now. How can I help him?
This happens to many of us. There are certain people we just believe don't have problems. We see them as perfect, so even when they tell us they have issues we just believe they're joking. 

Can we just change our mindset? These people need us as much as we need them we all have situations we face and we all need someone to lean on. Be there for someone let someone look at you and say "I'm standing today because she understood me and gave me a wise counsel". Let someone point at you and say "he contributed to my boldness and success in life".

Do not be the reason why someone will be barking up the wrong tree. Break the ice. Do not give anyone the cold shoulder. Counsel someone today.