So he called my cell phone and it was like the heavens opened up to give us showers of rain. He poured out his heart to me and I did not understand what was happening. This is my counselor telling me his secret pains. I'd always thought is perfect and that he has no problem but my counselor needs counsel right now. How can I help him?
This happens to many of us. There are certain people we just believe don't have problems. We see them as perfect, so even when they tell us they have issues we just believe they're joking. 

Can we just change our mindset? These people need us as much as we need them we all have situations we face and we all need someone to lean on. Be there for someone let someone look at you and say "I'm standing today because she understood me and gave me a wise counsel". Let someone point at you and say "he contributed to my boldness and success in life".

Do not be the reason why someone will be barking up the wrong tree. Break the ice. Do not give anyone the cold shoulder. Counsel someone today.


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