Anita, Tony's dream woman officially became his after being joined together in Holy Matrimony. Anita, a very pretty young lady, with excellent character and good home training, she also possessed all the attributes every guy would love in a lady.

All the while they were courting, they kept distance just to keep themselves from having sex before marriage so Tony could not actually wait to have his wife in bed today. After a blissful marriage ceremony, they headed for the hotel booked just to have their moments.

On getting to their room, they said a short thanksgiving prayer and that was it, Tony couldn't hold it again. He took his wife by her waist and they got caught up in the moment.

Anita was so swept off her feet that she forgot about the secret she had been hiding for a very long time. As Tony unhooked her bra, Alas!  He was taken aback by what was before him.  Where is the breasts he had always longed for? Immediately, Anita knew they were close to the end. He had been deceived by the oversized bra she always had on, She literally had no breasts at all. "How would  she breastfeed her kids? " "How is this even possible? He thought...

Dear reader, literally, your mother has breasts and that is why she fed you breastmilk. Ohh!! You think we're referring to the physical cleavages?  Certainly not.
My bone of contention is, are you who people see you as? How much impact do you have on people? What they've admired in you from a distance, does it define your person?  You have  benefitted from people who have substance to give, just as you sucked your mother's breasts.

How about you?  What can people benefit from you?  Are your bras oversized? Or probably you're improvising just for your secrets not to be let out?. One day, the cat will be let out of the bag and hell will let loose so why not be the reason for a generation's growth?.

Submit yourself for improvement, be original!


  1. Wow..
    This is awesome.
    In a nut shell,we shouldn't live a fake life and be impactful.. God bless you ma.
    More into your pen.

  2. A life of deciet can bring nothing but eternal tears. What kind of tears we want, tears of joy or tears of regrets, that depends on our response to DO WE HAVE A BREAST?
    As for me,I Do

  3. This a wonderful piece. More grace

  4. That was a touching one though. Truly one living a fake life can actually ruin the original lifestyle of the person when it is eventually noticed or seen.

  5. This is really a nice piece...


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