I stood before the reflector in my room, gorgeously dressed,examining myself so closely. Then I began to see some physical changes that I knew wouldn't fit in my stature in few years to come.

I noticed my belly was already as big as an immature pregnancy and even though it was not obvious through my ball gown, I could not deny the fact that it was due to gluttony. I also discovered I had grown inches taller and my favourite dress was now way too short.

Having noted those changes, I planned on rectifying them but still I rocked my short ball gown with so much confidence on that day that no one dared to tell me my dress was short neither was my protruding tommy noticed.

This is a practical reflection of our everyday life, we evaluate our today and see just this day. It is true that we should live our today and enjoy it but lets
also remember that no matter how beautiful your today is, your tomorrow should be more beautiful. Do not just see the comeliness in your today, scrutinize your present and take note of the attitudes that will tarnish your tomorrow. Change the lifestyles that will birth bad attitudes, get rid of the things that will not fit perfectly into the future that you want.

Most Importantly, as you expand the horizon of your tomorrow, sharpen and shape your today, identify the attributes of your today that will not fit in and eliminate them. Keep improving until you get the perfect picture and you become it.