I can't believe I fell in love again... It was barely two weeks I broke up with Kingsley when I went into a relationship with Michael.. And now, I'm heartbroken again.

All that plays in my head is the moments we had together yesterday. I can remember so clearly how he held my hand and gbam! That's it, aunty adrenaline didn't let me rest.

His hand was the softest and most tender hand I've ever felt... Looking at his face, oh wow! God took His time to create this guy, I thought. His eyes were so perfect as they looked at me and through me piercing through my heart.

Taking my eyes off his and looking at his lips.. I didn't have to touch before I could tell that they are succulent. I could hear my heart pound. I was swept off my feet. Oh my God, at last, I've found my happiness, I said to my self with the cutest smile..

My lips were about touching his when the light of his phone came on. What I saw made my pounding and excited heart jump out.. But he just called me his Love. I could hear my heart shatter like a glass cup would shatter when it drops... Not again!, I cried. Where would I find my happiness?. Where's the guy with my happiness? This has been my unanswered question.

This is the condition many of you find yourselves in. You think your happiness, prosperity, joy, wealth, influence etc is attached to people... No! That can't be. Only you can produce what you want people to see in you . You have your happiness with you.. A happy life attracts happy people .