The aesthetic nature of a garden depends predominantly on the varieties of flowers planted. In subsequent times, these flowers are watered, weeds are uprooted, enough protection for the flowers from animals and pests is provided, also there'll be enough sunlight. These processes are carried out from time to time thereby preserving the flowers and revealing its beauty.

      Relating this to humans, we ought to give more attention to self growth and development. This does not only have to do with our physical appearance but most importantly our lifestyle. What we produce depends strongly on what we take in and our ability to sieve information.

      Knowledge they say is power. Do not be limited to what you know. Versatility is a pathway to perfection. Just as we have varieties of flowers in a garden, the wider our knowledge, the more aesthetic we become.

      What are you investing on? What do you feed your body, heart and soul with consistently? Does it make or mar you? What impacts do they have on you? These questions and many others should be looked into and truthful answers should be provided.

     The knowledge we invest upon either good or bad might not spring up results swiftly but subsequently, changes will occur and there will be productivity. There and then, the reality of your investment will be revealed.
     Good results can only be achieved when you water your flowers regularly by getting the right knowledge daily, learning new things. Learn, unlearn and relearn; protect your flowers from animals and pests. In other words, what you take in determines what you will produce. So, you have every right and authority over whatever goes into your heart. Choose that which is best, sieve the knowledge, uproot the weeds so they won't corrupt and destroy your gloomy flowers.


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