Dear 2020,
      I am rest assured that you came with the very best for me. There are so many aspects of my life that would have been much better than it presently is if only I had more optimism than the usual. Probably I wasn’t familiar with law of cause and effect, or I did not set clear goals, it could also be because I blamed people for my failures most a times or I didn’t believe in my ability, just the very few among tons of ors. I think I also procrastinated more than necessary. I had planned out goals that I wanted to achieve but they were all without focus, so I didn’t make much progress.
Now here you are, with a fresh start for me to re- analyze myself and get the game right this time around. I will set goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound. I will be so intentional about self- development, I will take responsibility of everything that happens to me and around me. I choose to live a life of no excuse.
            I will surround myself with positive people that believe in myself and in my goals. I will have an accountability partner who will watch out for me. I really mean it when I say this year has no sluggishness from me in it. From the little knowledge I have been able to gather so far, I have come to understand that Ignorance is not an excuse; I hope to spend my time and resources wisely; I will release my inner resources to create value for people; I will work with mental toughness as it will build my foundation for long term goals; I will not forget to always confess positive words as I have learnt that my words are powerful; I will build my confidence with adequate preparation; I will work with the law of cause and effect which makes me understand that the amount of effort I invest into achieving a goal will determine the result I get; "save and invest" would be one of my watchwords; I will read more inspirational books and apply the knowledge I acquire from them.
Most importantly, I will build a perfect relationship with God and a friendly relationship with everybody I meet.
Dear 2020, all you can offer me is the best and I am positioning myself for your best. I look forward to having all of my dreams come true.

                                                               Yours Sincerely,



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