One day, my father was sharing with the house a significant experience he had of me when I was very much younger.
He said I was unable to walk even at age

He said I was always afraid to take any step at all. Coupled with the fact that I was always clingy with my mum.
My mum said, she would always PRAY "Ọlọ́run ò ní jẹ́ kí n bí arọ l'ọ́mọ" (God will never allow me have a lame for a child)
But then, the prayer was not enough.

Dad said one day, he'd lift me, spank my butt and asked me to walk. He said I'd cry and sit back. And then, he'd lift me up again, and push me to walk. And I'd cry again.
But then, he didn't relent, he kept pushing me to walk.
After a long time, and several attempts, I started taking my leaps.

I learned from that story that; it means, It is not everyone that can't walk today that are really lame from birth. Some didn't just have someone to push them.
When you see yourself going through turbulent time in life, just understand that God is trying to shift you. He's trying to move you from this point to that point.
The push you are getting right now, is as a result of the prayers you prayed.

On a norm, human beings are a people of comfort. Except there's an external force to push you, you might remain on that spot till forever. So, except you are being pushed, you might never get anything done.
Don't react harshly when you experience an external push. Instead, understand what God's will is, and then flow with it.
Good Afternoon!